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Deep Tissue Massage

Craving the relief of a deep tissue massage? If you've never had this type of therapeutic massage before, you may have some questions. Let's take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about getting a deep tissue massage.

Does a deep tissue massage hurt?

Sometimes, a deep tissue massage can have moments that feel uncomfortable due to your therapist working to release tension from your muscles and surrounding soft tissues. You're in control of your massage, and it's fine to ask your therapist to use less or more pressure if necessary. Throughout your massage, your therapist will check in with you to find out how the pressure is working for you. Feel free to tell your therapist if you need more or less pressure and they will adjust to your comfort. Most people are under the impression that a deep tissue massage needs to hurt to be effective, but that is not the case in most situations. If it hurts to the point to where you are winching or tearing up, your muscles will tense up and make the massage less effective. Your body needs to be relaxed and the superficial tissues warmed up before sinking into those deeper muscle layers.

Will I have bruising after a deep tissue massage?

While it's possible that you could have some light bruising after a deep tissue massage, it's unlikely. Our Licensed Massage Therapists are professionally trained to ensure that your skin remains injury-free, even through an intense deep tissue massage. If you bruise easily, let your massage therapist know before they begin so they can take extra care with your delicate skin. 
It is not uncommon to feel sore in the following days. We recommend staying hydrated and soaking in an epsom salt bath for 15 minutes to help reduce next day soreness. 

What should I do in the hours following a deep tissue massage?

Your massage therapist will give you specific instructions to follow in the hours following your massage such as rest, ice, heat, and some gentle stretches. It's generally recommended to get some rest if possible, drink plenty of water, and take a shower or soak in a epsom salt bath to wash off any oils or lotions used during the massage. 

If you're ready to schedule an appointment for a therapeutic massage, we're here to help. Give us a call at Just Breathe Massage Therapy located in Madison, Alabama today to learn more about how we can meet all of your therapeutic massage needs.

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