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Scalp Massage with Peppermint

Five Benefits Of Scalp Massage

There's nothing better than a relaxing scalp or foot massage. Often, these areas can be overlooked. Getting a foot massage or scalp massage can go a long way in improving your health and helping you to feel relaxed. A peppermint oil blend helps to rejuvenate and relax. Let's take a look at five of the benefits of scalp massage.

  • Hair growth - Stimulation of the scalp through massage can promote blood flow to the scalp, which can help to stimulate hair growth.

  • Relief of tension - If you've ever had a scalp massage, you already know that gentle pressure on the scalp can help to relieve muscle tension throughout the body. One of the reasons that a scalp massage feels so great is because it actually reduces stress hormones in the body and can work to slow the heart rate. If you have trouble sleeping, scalp massage can be a great way to help your body wind down from a busy day.

  • Lower blood pressure - As a scalp massage slows the heart rate, it can also lower blood pressure. Focusing on deep breathing during your scalp massage can help you get the most of this benefit.

  • Migraine and headache relief - Scalp massage is an excellent natural remedy for headaches and migraines. In addition to providing nearly instantaneous relief from many headaches and migraines, the lowering of stress hormones through scalp massage can also help stop these issues from coming back in the future.

  • Balance the nervous system - If you struggle with panic and anxiety, scalp massage may be a great addition to your mental health care routine. Many people find that they feel calmer in the hours after having a scalp massage.

If you're looking for a scalp or foot massage, we're here to help. Reach out to Just Breathe Massage Therapy today to learn more about how we can provide the tension relief you need.

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